About us


We're an unconventional group. We work diligently, relish life, exude a sense of style, and stay true to ourselves. In the past, we would sport high heels and robust leather shoes, spending substantial sums for every event. However, once we encountered Aro, our feet found comfort, we embraced a new level of style, and we became enamored with them.



Genuine love thrives when it's shared, so we initiated the practice of gifting Aro to our closest family and friends. As time passed, our desire to spread this affection to our neighbors grew, prompting us to become part of the Aro around the world movement, bringing Aro with us to Miami and the United States.



Aro embodies the essence of Barcelona, blending elements of design, urban living, and the Mediterranean spirit while brimming with creativity, culture, and quality. However, Aro isn't just that; it's a meticulously crafted item, made from recycled materials, designed to be your ideal complement for any occasion.

Aro believes that the world has the potential to become a better place when individuals are conscious of their inner strength to enact positive change. We believe so too. Let's walk forward together.

Let's go!